Hey Friends!

I have been super MIA (life has been very hectic), but I thought it was time for a short update and an accompanying promise* to update my blog more!

Pluto has been doing great! We’ve been showing, and he’s been really pulling his weight. Also, his birthday was last week and he turned 10 (where did the time go?!)!

Such a party animal

I–on the other hand–had been feeling a bit out of sync at shows. We were putting in nice trips, but we were definitely not as smooth or consistent as we usually are. Then I got a bit anxious that we weren’t performing at our best (even at home), and I started doing this thing where I would see a distance and make a desperate change to make it happen, which was not cute.

Last week, I had a lesson, and Katie literally said “knock it off,” and somehow I did. I told my mom that I felt like I just snapped out of it. We showed this weekend, and we were back to normal (Video below)! YAY!

We have two shows in the coming weeks and then our next show is in flux, as they changed one of the shows on the schedule (and I’m not always what you might call “flexible”).

I’ve also been spending a lot of time working on our podcast, Amateur Hour. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you already listen, but if not, I definitely encourage you to check it out. I’m a smidge biased, but I think it’s really good and very funny!

Gossip Girl

*There’s a very real chance this promise will be broken…

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