Happy Valentine’s Day!

I truly cannot find words to describe how much I love Pluto and how thankful I am for him. But Kelly from Hunky Hanoverian inspired me to try, so for your viewing pleasure, here are poems I just wrote for Pluto!

An Ode to Pluto
Pluto is my favorite horse
(He and AC too of course)
He is big, beautiful, and grey
Loves eating carrots, grain, and hay
He always takes good care of me
Even when a distance I do not see
I’m thankful for this sweetest boy
Every day with him is such a joy


A Pluto Limerick-ish Poem
There once was a horse name of Pluto
He had four and not two toe(s)
He was sweet and so kind
No better horse you will find
I’d rather have him than a chateau


A guest submission from Taylor (The East Coast Equestrian):
Pluto the pony (but really a horse)
Is the best at jumping a hunter course
He’s big, beautiful and dapple grey
And the best part of every day


A guest submission from Connie (Connie in Colorado)
Unicorns sometimes come in shades of grey
This one is not red, or green, or blue
When he jumps, he moves in such a way
That you know he’s a unicorn through and through.


A guest submission from Byron (my dad/ Byron Taylor Studio)
I have a horse,
His shade is gray.
I like to ride him every day.
He’s big, of course,
he eats his hay.
Now I have nothing more to say.

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