I meant to write this post before 2019, but somehow it’s already 2019. I’m in such disbelief that I’m still writing 2018 on everything (although, to be fair, I tend to do that until around September…).

Here’s a pretty picture of Pluto for no reason

When I have any life transition, I try to become a person who snacks on carrots (and engages in similar behaviors). However, I’m in my early thirties and baby carrots still weirdly give me the hiccups, so I’ve finally given up on that. I’ve found I do better when I have clear goals, so I am better able to make a plan to meet them. I like to think of resolutions as behaviors you plan to modify in order to meet your goals. For 2019, my goals are:

  1. Get more consistent and confident in the show ring (consistently use my good canter and have soft hands)
  2. Qualify for a year end finals (hopefully at one or both of the Indoors show 🤞)
  3. Always be mentally present when I’m with my daughter (which has been my “goals”/ something I’ve been mindful of every day since she was born)
Side eye at the idea of me actually becoming a carrot person

To meet those goals, I made the following resolutions:

  1. Be healthier by drinking more water, going vegetarian/ eating only plant based meals 2 times a week, and going to the gym 2-3 times a week
  2. Be on my phone less
  3. Develop better mental skills for showing

Wish me luck that these resolutions won’t go the way of carrot snacks! Tell me about your resolutions in the comments

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