I had my first lesson of 2019 yesterday, because we had been in NC at Great Wold Lodge! I had missed quite a few sessions at work for the holidays, so Friday I did some make ups and went out to hack Pluto in the evening. Turns out, bro hates getting ridden after dinner (which I’ve long suspected), because he was horrible!

On Saturday, I had an 8 am lesson that was so early that I had to leave my house in the dark. IN THE DARK! But, Pluto was great! We did basic flat work then jumped two jumps on a circle (both ways), which Pluto handled very well. We then did a course where we serpentined three jumps then did some hunter lines and a single, and I don’t know how many times I can say this before it gets totally redundant, but Pluto was great!

We followed that by doing a hunter course to prepare for the show next week. Pluto got a bit strong but was jumping great. We ended by halting and then softly cantering the four stride (not videoed). Before the lesson, I was on the fence about showing next weekend, but I was so happy with our lesson that I decided to do the show. As you know if you follow this blog, we’ve hardly jumped in a month, so wish us luck because we’ll need it!

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