I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had as much time for writing, but I’ve still found time to ride!

I was late to my lesson on Wednesday, and it really threw my whole ride off. I felt like Pluto and I were just a bit out of sync the entire ride. I missed the trot work, so just warmed up on my own. For the canter work, we did poles set a steady two strides to a long five stride; we got the job done but it didn’t feel as smooth as usual.

We then trotted into a grid that was set as a cross rail, one stride to an oxer, then one stride to a vertical. Pluto was just stepping over cross rail, which made the rest of the grid feel dramatic. We ended well when I got into jumping position and just concentrated on my eq through the grid.

On Saturday, we worked on getting the horses trotting forward, then figure eighted some poles set for a forward trot and alternated collected sitting trot on the loops. We cantered through poles set as a one stride to a one stride and worked on our track and lengthening and shortening our stride depending on where we were entering the poles.

We cantered a small single then trotted into the grid set as a small cross rail, one stride to another cross rail. Pluto did the same sticky take off at the first jump, so the next time through I used my crop behind my leg. That made literally all the difference, and after that he jumped in with animation and I was able to concentrate on my own equitation.

My trainer continued to build up the grid to the same cross rail-oxer-vertical that we’d done Wednesday.

Pluto was jumping well, and I was able to concentrate on keeping my hands soft, heels down, and eyes up.

My family is coming to town this week for the holidays (yay!!!). I’m hoping to get to the barn 3 times this week, but you never know when family is in town. This is a situation where it can be difficult to juggle riding with other aspects of life!

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