Pluto and I had a great time showing at the December Hunter Classic yesterday. When I arrived at the show and got out of the car, it was so cold that I was seriously considering scratching. I made myself brave the cold to walk to the indoor ring where the show was running, and they had so many heaters that is was legitimately 20-30° warmer inside.

We quickly warmed up in the outside ring where the adults go in warmer weather, and Pluto was perfect. It was so cold, we only jumped about 4 jumps and went inside.

Pluto was really excellent! He felt balanced and forward, and most of our jumps came up out of stride. I was so pleased with his and my performance (and just as importantly, so was Katie)! We ended up 4th out of 20 in one trip and 9th out of 20 in the classic.

We need to smooth out a few rough edges that formed during our time off from showing (e.g. I need to stop turning around and looking if the rail fell when he hits a jump), but I’m always extra happy when we perform well right before the holidays.

Pluto says, “more treats please!”

We have two possible shows in January, and we’ll pick which one (or both) to do based on the weather. I find that showing always makes me want to show more, and I definitely gotten bitten again by the show bug!

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