Once again, the weather was beautiful all week until it was time for ya girl to lesson when it was 29°! We lessoned with an AO jumper, which was so fun and interesting (as soon as Katie told me I was doing a different course).

We began with the forward, stretching trot work that we’ve been doing in the cold to let him warm up. We then cantered through poles set three strides apart alternating between doing three and four strides. To begin our jumping work, we cantered a single vertical on a circle to the left and then the right concentrating on getting to the very middle of the jump. And then it was time for… the gymnastic!

You can’t tell, but that second jump is an oxer about 3’3″ tall and 3’9″ wide. We trotted into this gymnastic from a very tight turn then hopped the crossrail, took one stride to the huge oxer, and then one stride to the vertical. Pluto handled the gymnastic perfectly and was very powerful and graceful over every jump. I felt very anxious and threw my body over every jump. We jumped through a few times and at the end I was a little better, but it definitely showed me that I need to work on my upper body control.

We are showing this weekend, so we did a course similar to one we might see at McDonogh. I was a a bit rusty and Pluto was a bit excited towards home, but we put in a good course.

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