I can’t believe I’m about to type these words, but Pluto was wild* today! Katie and I were both shocked. She was like, “He’s so good that I took him for granted.” It was 32° and he’d just gotten clipped, so his freshness was pretty understandable.

*wild for Pluto. Not like wild-wild

“Me wild? You cray!”

When I was mounting, he spun a little and started walking, and he was snorting and spooking at everything in the ring. We trotted for a long time to help him calm down, and it worked pretty well. We cantered through two rails set as a one-stride that were set right out of the corner, and he felt great–only like 2 scoots!

Katie put two flowers on the ground in front of two jumps as a tunnel for where we should leave the ground as we did a big figure eight over the jumps. The first time we did it, we left with our feet in the correct spot but cheated as our straightness was not great. We tried again, and Pluto could hardly contain himself! He crow hopped away from the jumps (but a little bit of a pathetic crow hop since his feet only got about 2″ off the ground). We decided we’d reached his limit, and I let him trot out on a loose rein.

I found his freshness really endearing today, because he just seemed like he was having fun!

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